A Devotional Study of
Christ's Model Prayer for His Disciples

And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased, one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.--Luke 11:1

When Christ's disciples finally ask Him how to pray, He gives them the same model of prayer that they heard in the Sermon on the Mount and in every town and village where the Lord preached. This model prayer, commonly called the Lord's prayer, should be called the disciples' prayer. This is how Jesus said that we should pray; not by reciting this prayer repetitiously, but by communing and communicating with God according to the heavenly truths the Lord Jesus reveals.

From the Desk of Jon J. Cardwell

When we went to minister to the village of Scammon Bay in Alaska as pastor of Scammon Bay Covenant Church, my wife, Lisa, and I had determined that our ministry would be a true ministry of faith. We would seek God first, and seek Him only to see our needs met; and we would seek assistance from no one else except God, unless we were prompted specifically to seek help from another by the Spirit of God while praying.

During our short time (2005-2008) in that Yup'ik village that lay on the coast of the Bering Sea about 500 air miles from Anchorage, we witnessed time after time after time the Lord's hand of grace upon us, answering prayer, bringing revival, ministering to needs, etc. There was evidence of His divine providence and outright miraculous intervention. Some of these episodes and instances have spread through personal testimony of those who have been to our humble parsonage and our little community church; and because of just a few of the true stories that came forth from that ministry, I have been exhorted to write a book about God's answers to our prayers.

But rather than write a book about what God did for us, through us, and among us in Scammon Bay, the Lord really impressed upon my heart that what would be most important, most special, most glorifying to Him, is to write a book that teaches a bit more of how to have a dynamic, effectual, and Biblical prayer life. That seemed good to me to do so because if God's people are praying intently to seek Him, be with Him, and desire Him according to the Word He has revealed through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit, then others don't need to hear of my testimony, or Lisa and Rachel's testimonies, but rather, they will have their own testimony of what great and marvelous things our awesome God has done!

This book is not an exhaustive study on prayer. Quite the contrary. Since having written it, I have learned even more about prayer and more about the prayer life that I should have as a Christian because I so often fall short of attaining to what it should be. Nevertheless, there are some blessed truths in it that will build the prayer life of the newest believer, as well as encourage and strengthen the prayer life of the most mature among the Lord's saints.

Here's Just a Little of What You'll Discover Inside:

The opening chapter expresses the sin of worry and anxiety through the scripture, and the cure for that anxiety is prayer, trusting in a sovereign God.

The request of the disciples and the Lord's response.

Understanding to Whom we pray and with whom we have a relationship.

Chapter 4: GOD'S HOLY NAME
Approaching a holy God with reverent fear and trembling.

Learning submission and surrender to the advancement of God's kingdom upon earth through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Learning submission and surrender to God's plans and purposes according to His holy will and good pleasure.

AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! Containing 16 chapters in all.


This is a great tool for any Christian desiring to grow in grace and be strengthened in faith by the blessed grace of prayer.

The disciplines you develop in daily prayer according to God's Word will strengthen your resolve in the truth of Christ's Word and the blessedness of God's presence.

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